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Bretz Wildlife Lodge & Winery #

Bretz Wildlife Lodge & Winery

Located just a short distance from Carlyle Lake, Bretz Wildlife Lodge and Winery is open year round and hosts a variety of events. With a unique safari atmosphere, a full menu and beautiful spaces this location has much to offer.

Hidden Lake Winery #

Hidden Lake Winery

Hidden Lake Winery and Banquet Center, located in rural Aviston, IL. The Winery is situated in “Silent Forest,” a wooded parcel of land abounding in local lore

Hidden Lake Winery #

Crooked Creek Winery

Crooked Creek Winery & Estate has a heartwarming history as homestead, horse farm, and winery. It is a small, family operation devoted to making wines that are the truest expression of the local grape varietals while exploring traditional European styles of winemaking. You’ll always find peace sipping your wine and watching the family horses grace the surrounding pasture. Wine tastings are $6, and you get to keep the stylized glass with the winery’s beautiful horse logo. You have a choice of a stemmed or stemless glass. Their offerings will always include a range of sweet to dry wines.

Hidden Lake Winery #

Twelve Oaks Vineyard

Twelve Oaks Vineyard is located in the beautiful country south of Carlyle. The grapes grown in this charming vineyard are maintained and cared for by a small family-owned business that believes in offering quality hand-crafted wines. Their reserve wines humbly wear the label of the variety of grapes that are grown in the vineyard. Twelve Oaks Vineyard invites their customers to the tasting rood and the pristine backyard, overlooking a pond, to come out and enjoy the fruit flavors in the wine while relaxing in a county setting with family and friends. The tasting room is custom built with a family made penny countertop on top of a beautiful Amish made bar out of redwood boards that once belonged in the barn of the owners parents. The tasting room is full of great stories and family memories. The first three tastings are free.